Doodle Bead Etc. - Customized Hand Made Jewelry & Treasures
Peace Sign Earrings
Peace sign earrings
Price: $20.00
Pink Lady Bug Earrings
Pink glass in gold metal
Price: $12.00
Purple Lady Bug Earrings
made w/purple glass & silver
Price: $14.00
Turquoise Drop Earrings
made w/real turquoise & sterling silver
Price: $32.00
Lady Bug Dangles
earrings with red lady bugs
Price: $20.00
Crystal Cube Earrings
Swarovski Crystals in Sterling silver
Price: $45.00
Aqua Cat's Eye & Crystal Earrings
Aqua Swarovski crystal & aqua cat's eye in silver
Price: $20.00
Blue Cat's Eye & Crystal Earrings
Blue Swarovski crystals & dk. blue cat's eye
Price: $20.00
Pink Cat's Eye Crystal Earrings
Pink Swarovski crystal & pink cat's eye
Price: $20.00
Green Cat's Eye Crystal Earrings
Green Swarovski crystals & lt. green cat's eye.
Price: $20.00
Hematite Crystal Earrings
Genuine Hematite stones & swarovski crystals in s.s.f
Price: $30.00
Crystal Framed Cube Earrings
Swarovski crystal cube w/sterling silver ear wires.
Price: $30.00
Frame Red Dice Earrings
Swarovski crystals red w/s.s.earwires
Price: $30.00
Red Drop Earrings
Red glass earrings
Price: $12.00
Crystal Angel Earrings
Swarovski crystals & silver components.
Price: $35.00
Crystal Cube Drop Earrings
swarovski crystals s.silver
Price: $28.00
Red & Black Crystal Drops Earrings
swarovski crystals in s. silver
Price: $38.00
Purple Flower Chandelier Earrings
lt. purple beads & flowers in silver.
Price: $31.00
Crystal Flower Earrings
Swarovski crystals & silver components.
Price: $32.00
Hematite & Pink Crystal Earrings
genuine hematite and Swarovski crystals in sterling silver
Price: $20.00
Brown Crystal & Pearl Earrings
Swarovski crystal, pearl in sliver components
Price: $25.00