Doodle Bead Etc. - Customized Hand Made Jewelry & Treasures
Purple Shell Anklet
made w/purple shell beads & pearls. 9" chain silver
Price: $30.00
Metallic Purple Dangle Anklet
purple metallic rondelles on 9" silver chain.
Price: $35.00
2 Tone Blue Inspiration Anklet
made w/blue wonder beads that glow in sun and certain lighting. Inspirational words.
Price: $20.00
2 Tone Gold Dangle Anklet
Metallic gold & Purple beads. 9" silver chain.
Price: $30.00
Metallic Green Bling Anklet
Metallic green beads on stretchy. very bling
Price: $32.00
Crystal Cube Black Anklet
made to match, my crystal cube bracelet
Price: $25.00
Red & White Anklet w/charm
made w/white cat's eye & red glass beads w/charm.
Price: $18.00
Black & Green Cat's Eye Anklet
glass black beads & light green cat's beads.
Price: $18.00
Teal & Lt. Green Anklet
Teal glass beads & lt. green cat's eys w/charm.
Price: $18.00
Pink Hematite Anklet
Pink cat's eye & Hematite w/charm.
Price: $18.00
Blue & Black Anklet
Black cat's eye & blue glass beads w/charm
Price: $18.00
Danty Silver & Aqua Anklet
Sterling silver chain w/aquamarine dangles.
Price: $28.00
Amethyst Dangle Anklet
Delicate sterling silver chain w/ amethyst dangles.
Price: $28.00
Wonder Bead Stretchy Anklet w/charm
these wonder beads glow or have a 3-D effect under most lighting. shown purple & silver/purple 2 tone.
Price: $18.00
1- color:
2nd- color:
Bright Pink & Black Anklet
Black cat's eye & bright p[nk beads w/ charm
Price: $18.00
Wonder Bead Stretchy Anklet
Glow beads w/charm. Shown top to bottom; 2-tone blue, 2-tone orange & silver, multicolor.
Price: $18.00
1- color:
2-Tone Red Wonder Bead Anklet
2 tone red and gold stretchy wonder bead anklet w/charm
Price: $18.00
Silver & Blue Wonder Bead Anklet
Stretchy w/charm - these beads glow under most lighting.
Price: $18.00
Wonder Bead Anklets w/charms
stretchy anklets
Price: $18.00
color option 1:
color option 2: